Bhagat Family | December 2013

Bhagat Family | December 2013

Dale + I were overjoyed to have the chance to shoot the Bhagat family for their 1st ever holiday card as a family of three. I've known Jennifer since high school and met Mitesh in college. Che + I both served as bridesmaids in each others' wedding although Jen gets the gold star for traveling to my Hawaiian wedding while 7.5 - 8 months pregnant!! As soon as Mila was born,  I couldn't wait to take some photos of her! Mila was about 1.5 months old at the time and was such a trooper! Our normal 75 degree holiday weather decided to be absent the weekend we scheduled to do their family session so we decided to create a makeshift studio in their kitchen....we were losing the sun so got creative with some leftover Christmas lights. Even Mila's little protector, Casey, got in on the fun! Can't wait for more moments to snap with this beautiful family!!

Sunsets + randomness

happy engageaversary to s+d

I've been craving doing a sunset shoot for the past couple weeks but everytime 6pm approached, I was always so lazy! Finally, this past Monday I decided to get out and take a couple shots. I was late to the sunset so I just took some random shots - considering our 2 year anniversary of our engagement (I dubbed it 'engageaversary') I thought, "Oh! I could take some shots of my engagement ring!" buuuut when I looked down, I realized I was wearing just my wedding band. Oops. But, I let my band have it's day in the sun.....

Here's a couple more images from the failed sunset shoot....will try again next time!

jenny + mochi | October 2013

this post (and ones to come) are so incredibly belated because i'm TERRIBLE at blogging but these images are some of my favorites that there was no way I couldn't post them. dale + i have had the honor + pleasure to capture moments in our friends' lives + to not share them would just be selfish of us. let's start with jenny + mochi. 

last november, i was talking to my friend jenny when she brought up how she needed to get her holiday pictures done for her xmas cards. i quickly offered to shoot them for her - it was a win/win for us both. she would be our test models for us to refine our skills + she would get some images that she can use for her cards. she agreed to be a good sport + so we met up + went for it! 

the shoot took place at an open park in palos verdes, ca + we were so excited to snap some awesome pictures capturing the bond between her + mochi. dale was 2nd shooter + i was all over the place trying different lenses, angles and positions. overall, it was a superfun shoot + we were all exhausted at the end. i think the big winner was mochi - i don't think she knew what was going on but all the bribery with treats - she sure wasn't complaining!

mochi is our first + favorite model dog (so far) - she knew when to turn her head + her profile is just perfect. looking forward to more shoots with these two!