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According to my mom, I need to stop eating out so much and start cooking at home. This will "save us money" she says. Dale claims it costs the same to buy food as it does to buy groceries. Out of pure laziness, I choose not to argue against Dale's perspective only because in doing so, I won't have to cook. Win/Win. However, I wasn't lucky enough to have his body type and metabolism so all these fast food meals are creating quite a chunky monkey for my 5'2" self.

So, for Christmas, if anyone asked what I wanted, I said "cookbooks" so that I can start creating those memories of home cooked meals and not having to worry about what I'm eating for lunch the following day etc. Turns out, even with cookbooks, I stink at cooking. Yes, I can follow a recipe however my meals usually should end up on those "Fail" websites. My most disastrous meal to date was this "Crock Pot Creamy Spaghetti" recipe I got from Pinterest. The pasta noodles didn't cook all the way and stuck together, the sauce and cream cheese didn't blend nicely and the meat just didn't work. Ugh, it was so gross. What's worse is earlier that day, Dale's grandma came by the apartment and asked if I could bring some over later that evening. With my head hung in pure embarrassment, I delivered his gpa/gma a container of noodle mush. 

So, ok - I'm not the best cook by any means but I am trying! I should get points for that. I wish I could be one of those people where cooking comes naturally and they don't need want one of those people...go talk to my dad. As for me, give me instructions and hopefully, with fingers crossed, I'll be able to serve something edible to my husband.