fattykine....for real

so fattykine just started off as a fun project. a place where we could post some of the things we did....whether it was wedding planning/coordinating, photography sessions or food reviews. Over the last year or so, we started talking about taking it to the next level and actually providing a service to others outside of our immediate family/friends. Could we do it? Were we "good" enough? With all the options available, what sets us apart? We realized we could obsess over these questions forever and not do anything so we decided that we were just going to go for it. So, as of July 7th...we are a fully functioning business complete with a license, a business account and some fancy shmancy paperwork from the SOS that says we're legit! Unreal!! 

While we initially started out with photography, we decided to focus on building our newest product: FLIPBOOKS! We had a flipbook booth at our wedding and I felt that it was one of the best things we had (in addition to the food...OMG the food!). I'd been tossing the idea around of opening a flipbooks studio here as I didn't see it as an option for birthdays, weddings, graduations, corporate events etc. So, after much discussion, we thought we should give it a shot! Even before launching officially, we were booked for a 1st birthday and received several inquiries for future events! We're hoping this will be a successful venture into becoming entrepreneurs that will enable us to provide a stable future for our future family. We're so super excited and couldn't have done it without all the support and encouragement of our family + friends! Thank you all so so much!