new year, new post

While I joked that I didn't think I would keep up with this website, as blogs remain ever popular, I feel more and more inclined to jot down my thoughts or memories so I can reference back to it whenever I want. Maybe on special occasions. Perhaps our 1 year anniversary so we can celebrate our "firsts", accomplishments, milestones that we've experienced during our 1st year as mr. + mrs. That'll be weird. 

As we begin 2014, I already appreciate the few "firsts" we've already checked off our list - moving into our new apartment, cooking my first couple homemade dinners + dale having to endure those homemade dinners, celebrating thanksgiving/christmas as a married couple (not any different really) and slowly tackling ironing out the his/her chores for our place (i'll wash dishes, clean the kitchen, both bathrooms, vaccum the entire apt and he'll take out the trash...jk. he does more....i think). We're 4 months deep and they've flown by quickly. No huge complaints yet. I just need to invest more time into learning how to prepare meals that are edible (yeah, i'm talking to you crock pot spaghetti recipe i found on pinterest. el terrible) and creating a cozy and inviting space for us and our guests. 

Decorating our apt is something I've been putting off for so long. At first, we weren't sure how long we would be in our current space - there was an opportunity to move back to Gardena and into a house but at this point, I feel the offer fell through and we'll be remaining in Lomita. But, now that we have semi-long term plans to stay, I think I'll get back on the decorating train and start adding some character to our plain-as-vanilla apartment. First up, pictures.