The countdown begins...

Our invitations are OUT! There's no turning back now haha! We had an invitation assembling party at our friend Jennifer's house this past Saturday + chowed down on some Rascal's while figuring out the most effective way to make use of our assembly line. Overall, it took about 3 hrs from start to finish - not too bad! Much thanks to my bridesmaids: Che + Dab, my dorky sis Julie and Dab's husband Garrett (+ Nikolas) for taking time out of your Saturday to help with putting them together! I've thrown in some pictures below that documents the assembly party and them sittin pretty in shoeboxes ready to be mailed! 

There's something funny that happens though once you put your invitations in the mail - the official countdown clock begins ticking. I mean, it's not like I wasn't aware the wedding was drawing nearer but now that we're within 100 days of it - I am SO AWARE that it will be here like that *snap fingers*...(does that work in text?) I love how I'll receive the same response when I say "September" after they've asked when I'm getting married: "Oh wow, that'll be here before you know it" *sigh* Yes, yes it will. 

Aside from all wedding related things - I just want to be intentional about enjoying the last 3 months of being "single" - more specifically - of being at home with my mom + dad, of being near my grandma, of being an Usui, and of my last couple months of home cooked meals! Because I seriously lack any sort of culinary skills, I predict Dale + I will be starving the 1st few months of our marriage. But mainly, it's just being here at home with my family that I'll miss most. I've been here on + off my entire life and I will always call it 'home' but in a few short months I'll be establishing my own home with my husband + will have moved out of my parents house forever. Foooorrrreeeeevvvver.....(couldn't resist not throwing in a "Sandlot" quote there). My hope is that I don't get caught up in all the wedding craziness that I forget to soak up these things.